particleIllusion 3.0.4

Create amazing special effects in seconds


  • Bunches of effects
  • Very good quality effects


  • Interface is a little counterintuitive
  • Using parameters not always easy
  • Steep learning curve

Very good

particleIllusion lets you create any sort of special effects easily.

Whether you are looking for an explosion, flash, spray, drip or any other sort of effect, you should be able to find it in particleIllusion, as more than 2,600 particle effects are available.

Even though the interface itself is a little counter-intuitive, adding an effect to an image or video is relatively easy. Load up your video or image in particleIllusion, select the effects you want and add them, play around with the settings until you have reached the desired result. Then simply render the file and export it.

The main problem with particleIllusion is the complex interface, which is sure to confuse new users. A getting started tutorial or wizard would have been really helpful, but unfortunately the app doesn't oblige. It does have a good help file though, and if you visit the company's website, you will be able to view some tutorials, both written and video. It's a pity these aren't more readily available through the program interface, though.

Although a little counter intuitive, particleIllusion is a great tool with over 1500 particle effects to add to your video or image.



particleIllusion 3.0.4

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